Carpets are one of the most important accessories for every home. Moreover, it enhances the look of your home and makes it look sophisticated and nice.  A shabby carpet moreover makes your interiors look dirty too. Germsless is the best carpet cleaning company in Adelaide with years of experience and expertise. It is known for providing the best carpet cleaning solutions. Not just carpet cleaning but we indulge in carpet sanitization and carpet fire and smoke restoration as well. Punctual services at an affordable price are what we guarantee. Hence, we have been able to develop a huge client-base.

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide
Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Be it domestic carpet cleaning or commercial, we take care of it all. We are flexible about the timings and reach your place as soon as you give us a call. Additionally, we use eco-friendly chemicals which does not cause any harm to your skin or the environment. Hence, you can avail our services anytime to give your carpets a new-like look.

Why is carpet cleaning important-

  • If you have indoor plants at home, excessive dirt, dust, pollen grains can easily scatter and be the reason for various diseases. These can hence lead to the accumulation of allergens which can be dangerous not just for your health but also the health of family and loved ones. Hence, cleaning the carpets is extremely important.
  • Carpets act as the topmost layer of our floors. Moreover, it serves as a perfect place for kids to play upon and for pets to stroll on. Similarly, dirt from our shoes along with fur, dandles and other things can make your carpets dirty. Outdoor dust can also lead to the accumulation of contaminants on your carpet.
  • Bugs and mites can make your carpets dirty. Moreover, these can decrease the life of your carpets. This can further lead to diseases and allergies. Hence, keeping your carpets clean is very important.

    Bugs and mites can make your carpets dirty
    Bugs and mites can make your carpets dirty
  • The worst part about dirty carpets is that they release a peculiar odor which is not very pleasant. This can cause discomfort not just for you but also for your guests.
  • Dirty carpets can spoil the look of your interiors. Hence, neat and clean carpets are the key to make a strong long-lasting impression.

Services we deal in-

Although we deal into all types of carpet cleaning, these are some of the areas we specialize in-

  • Carpets stain removal service.
  • Hot water extraction service.
  • Carpet dry cleaning service.
  • Carpet water removal.
  • Anti-allergic treatment.
  • Carpet mould removal.

    Carpet mould removal
    Carpet mould removal
  • Wet carpet cleaning.
  • Carpet steam cleaning.
  • Carpet odor removal.
  • Flooded carpet clean up.
  • Carpet stairs cleaning services.
  • Carpet hallway cleaning services.
  • Fast carpet drying service.

Carpet sanitization-

While cleaning the carpet is important, your job doesn’t end there. Sanitization is also equally important when it comes to giving your carpets an ultra-clean look. Moreover, you can only remove dirt and stains with the help of carpet cleaning most of the times. For making your carpets 100% germ-free however, you require carpet sanitization. This also helps keep your carpets allergens, bacteria and micro-organism free. This is what carpet sanitization does to your carpets-

  • Cleans your carpets even from the deepest layers within. Moreover, it can remove all allergens and contaminants.

    Carpet Sanitization Adelaide
    Carpet Sanitization Adelaide
  • It decreases the risks of infections and hence allergies which can be quite harmful for your pets, kids and family.
  • This keeps your carpets smelling fresh.
  • It also makes your interior look nice and refreshing.

Our carpet cleaning procedure-

  • Our experts will reach your place as soon as you fix an appointment with us with their kit.
  • They will then inspect your carpets and decide about the treatment which best suits your needs.
  • We will then move all the furniture and whatever might act as a hindrance in the carpet cleaning procedure.
  • Using high quality, powerful vacuum, we will clean your carpets and remove all the dust, dirt and other particles.
  • We will start off with the process depending upon the requirement. Usually one amongst steam cleaning, hot water extraction and vacuum cleaning is chosen.
  • Eco-friendly chemicals will then be put to use to remove all dirt and stains.
  • We will dry the carpet using highly efficient dryers to ensure that there is no moisture content.

    Carpet Cleaning Services Adelaide
    Carpet Cleaning Services Adelaide
  • We will then put a sanitizing spray to make sure there are no germs or contaminants present on your carpets.
  • Next step involves deodorizing the carpet to leave it feeling fresh and nice.
  • Finally, we replace your furniture at the original place.

Carpet fire and smoke restoration-

Since carpets are a valuable investment, replacing them every month is neither feasible nor practical. Not only is keeping them clean important but also protecting them from hazards such is also essential. Carpet smoke and fire restoration is the process you can follow to make your carpets all right in case of accidental fire and damage. Moreover, it helps you in the following things-

  • Remove odor and soot from the carpet.
  • Restore the carpet to its previous form.
  • Prevents combination of soot and moisture which can result in acid formation and ruin your precious carpet.

Why choose us?

Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide
Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide
  • Expert services as per your convenience.
  • Highly efficient and well-trained staff holding international certifications.
  • 24*7 hours assistance and availability even on weekends and public holidays.
  • Use of environment-friendly chemicals and efficient procedures.
  • One stop solution for all your carpet cleaning needs.
  • Quality services at an affordable price.
  • 100% customer satisfaction and quality assurance.
  • Careful handling and surety regarding the cleaning process.

Get in touch now-

Give us a call now on 1800 425 549 to avail our services and grab best offers and deals. Since we value your time; our staff will waste not much time in getting to your place without delay. Moreover, we also have same day carpet cleaning services available. We believe in quality services and a long-term association with our clients. Hence, we always make sure that the method we use is best for your type of carpet.

Our skilled, efficient and expert staff can make your precious carpets free from stains, dirt, dust and other contaminants in no time. No matter whether it’s a home, school, business place, club, office or any other commercial space, our experts can give your experts a new-like look.

Location: Adelaide, SA Australia