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Expert Curtain Cleaning Services in Adelaide

Have your curtains collected enough dust and have they started looking dirty?

Well, regular exposure to sunlight makes the fabric of the curtains sturdy. Further, regular activities such as cooking, presence of pets and an unventilated atmosphere in the house also makes the curtains look dull and dirty.

This is perhaps why you need to clean your curtains periodically if you want to make them smell good and look fresh.

Germsless is your ultimate destination when it comes to cleaning your curtains. We are a leading curtain cleaning Adelaide company. Our expert curtain cleaners help you clean your curtains inside-out with proven methodologies:

  1. Local curtain cleaners
  2. On-site and off-site curtain cleaning services in Adelaide
  3. Take down and re-hang services
  4. Latest methods and high-end equipment
  5. Same day and emergency curtain cleaning Adelaide

    Professional Curtain Cleaning
    Professional Curtain Cleaning

Things to Consider While Getting the Curtains Cleaned

Keeping the curtains clean is a difficult and a tedious task. If you have high quality curtains installed in your house and you do not want to take risk of getting them ruined during the cleaning process, simply call Germsless and will do it for you.

But before hiring, look for the following things:

  • Talk to the dry cleaner that you have booked about the experience they have and for how much time they have been in the industry. Do they have proper knowledge about cleaning and handling the various types of fabrics?
  • Do they perform the cleaning themselves or do they send them to other dry cleaners? If they outsource the cleaning services, then it may result in an inferior wash and you may have to pay an extra sum.
  • Set the prices beforehand and also make sure that they do not have any hidden cost for the service. Try to get a definite cost quotation for the service you hire them for.
  • Are their services valuable and how frequently they response to the request placed by the customers. Do they take last minute bookings or not?
  • Will they help to dismantle and re-install the curtains for you and if yes will they charge some extra sum for it?
  • It is very difficult to carry the bulky set of curtains to the laundry shop. Ask the laundry service about the pick-up and delivery service of the curtains and yes the amount they will charge for it.

    Best Curtain Cleaning
    Best Curtain Cleaning

Key Benefits of Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

There are many benefits of clean curtains, have a look:

  • Free of contaminants

    By cleaning the curtains, you are able to remove the pollutants and the contaminants such as dirt, dust, pollens, pet dander etc. 

  • Free of molds

    Daily activities traps the moisture within the curtains. This may lead to mold growth that may cause respiratory diseases. Constant cleaning helps in eliminating the molds and prevents their spores from dispersing in the indoor air.

  • Prevents allergies

    Elimination of molds along with harmful bacteria from the curtains helps in prevention of allergies in the house. Many doctors recommend their patients to clean their houses especially the curtains to reduce frequent allergy attacks.

When Was The Last Time You Got Your Curtains Cleaned?

Have you ever thought when was the last time when you cleaned your curtains? If it has been a very long time, then make sure to clean them as soon as possible.  Delay in cleaning the curtains can trap the dust mites, household grime, dust and odors within the curtain fabric that makes them look shabby and also spoils the look of the house.

Take the help of the cleaning services provides by Germsless and you will be surprised at how quickly we can make your curtains look new as before. We provide top quality service when it comes to rejuvenating your curtains.

Awesome Curtain Cleaning Services
Awesome Curtain Cleaning Services

Why Get The Curtains Cleaned By Germsless in Adelaide?

Germsless is a leading and a professional curtain cleaning company and specializes in other sorts of cleaning services as well. Our cleaning services enhance the life of your curtains and make you free form the tedious work of cleaning them.

You should book our curtain cleaning Adelaide services because:

  • Our process is 100% safe for your kids and family members. Additionally, our cleaning process does not dispose of any waste that may be hazardous to you or to the environment. Our cleaners are certified and we are licensed in providing the service>
  • Further, our process completely sanitizes and disinfects the curtains; it does not only remove the spots and stains but also kills the dangerous disease causing microorganisms from it.
  • Our cleaning services are the most recommended services in the market, with positive customer’s reviews and maximum satisfied customers.
  • We are quick and efficient in our curtain cleaning Adelaide services; it takes only a call for us to arrive at your doorstep and clean the curtains.
  • We deliver guaranteed quality and 24/7service, you can contact us through phone or mails us or talk to our customer care executives to book an appointment or to get a free quote.

Our Carpet Cleaning Adelaide Method

Our cleaners excel in cleaning intricate pieces and fine fabrics, our professionals do a thorough inspection of the fabrics and after that they perform the exact cleaning method that suits the fabric of the curtains. Take a look at our cleaning methods:

  • Dry Cleaning

    In this method, we administer a solvent in the fabrics under high pressure and then extract it leaving the curtains in a clean condition. The method is safe and causes no shrinkage to the fabric. Our cleaners use soft non-aggressive solvents on fabrics that are prone to dye problems or color loss.

  • Steam Cleaning

    We employ this method for those curtains that are very difficult to uninstall. We perform this process both at home and offices. Here we use steam to extract out the dirt and other contaminants from the curtains leaving them clean and fresh. We use blow dryers to dry them perfectly so that they are ready for use.

  • Hot Water Extraction

    We use this process on curtains that are not affected by large amounts of water. Here we use a combination of special cleaning solutions along with hot water to clean the stubborn stains. The method is very effective and cleans the curtains very effectively.

Thus, cleaning the curtains is very easy once you know the proper way to clean them. For best results, hire our professional curtain cleaning Adelaide services then call us and get a free quote today!

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