Mattress Cleaning Adelaide. Germsless is a leading company in Adelaide providing quality mattress cleaning services to satisfy customers in the best possible manner. With the best staff and efficient process, we aim at making every mattress germ-free and safe.

Mattress Cleaning Adelaide
Mattress Cleaning Adelaide

We spend a considerable amount of time, sleeping on the mattress. Moreover, these mattresses are in direct contact with us and hence can be the reason of rashes, infection or allergies. Keeping them free from germs, bacteria and allergens is important to ensure safety. Dust mites are the main culprits affecting a mattress. The damage can also due to urine stains, fabric deterioration or bad odor. Keeping these things in mind, we have come up with the best mattress cleaning solution is Adelaide. Our process is specially formulated to give your mattresses a new-like look.  We will make sure that your mattresses are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before charging you a fee.

Why is mattress cleaning important?

There can be as high as 2 million dust mites on a single unkempt mattress. Moreover, a single dust mite excretes about 200 fecal excreta in its lifetime. These feed on shed skin and mostly grow and multiply in moist conditions. This is dangerous especially for asthma lovers as these can trigger the symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, itchiness etc. even more.

Reliable Mattress Cleaning Services Adelaide
Reliable Mattress Cleaning Services Adelaide

One thing you can do to maintain the health of your family however is to go for frequent mattress cleaning and sanitization. With the help of our services, maintaining the health of your family and keeping your mattress clean is not a big task. All you need to do is give us a call and be sure to receive our exceptional services at an affordable price.

Types of mattresses we clean-

We clean almost every size and type of mattress and have proper cleaning tools, chemicals and equipment to carry on the procedure in a safe and effective manner. Have a look at some of the mattresses; we can efficiently take care of-

  • Natural fiber mattress cleaning
  • Coil mattress cleaning
  • Somni gel mattress cleaning
  • Pillowtop mattress cleaning
  • Innerspring memory foam mattress cleaning
  • Innerspring latex hybrid mattress cleaning
  • Latex mattress cleaning

    Latex Mattress Cleaning Adelaide
    Latex Mattress Cleaning Adelaide
  • Innerspring mattress cleaning
  • Waterbed mattress cleaning
  • Memory foam mattress cleaning
  • Adjustable mattress cleaning
  • Air bed mattress cleaning
  • Pocketed coil mattress cleaning
  • All polyfoam mattress cleaning
  • Polyfoam latex hybrid mattress cleaning
  • Memory foam mattress cleaning

Mattress cleaning Adelaide cost/price-

Although the price depends upon the size and type of mattress, one thing which we can guarantee is the best services and best price in the whole of Adelaide. Here are our general prices-

Type Of Mattress Price
Single $90
Double $120
King $120
Queen $140

Our mattress cleaning procedure-

We carry out an efficient procedure to make your mattresses germ-free and clean. Here are the steps we follow-

· Through inspection-

Inspection is always the first step to determine the type of tools, cleaners and equipment required to carry on the mattress cleaning task. Moreover, it helps our cleaners give you an estimate.

· Brush cleaning-

Fluff, particles, hair and even fur and dandles if you have pets at home can easily stick to your mattress giving them a shabby look. Hence, our experts clean them with a dry brush.

· Vacuuming the mattress-

We will then make use of our powerful heap filtered vacuum to give your mattress a new-like look.

Vacuum the Mattress Cleaning Adelaide
Vacuum the Mattress Cleaning Adelaide

· Spot Treatment-

Spots on mattress are quite a common phenomenon due to a number of reasons such as accidental spillage, pet urine, vomiting etc. Hence, we ensure that there are no spots on your mattresses by treating them in an efficient manner.

· Mattress pre-conditioning-

Our experts will apply a special shampoo which has a gentle, neutral pH value. Moreover, they will agitate the mattress gently using scrubbers to dramatically improve the texture and feel of your mattress.

· Hot-steam extraction-

We use special machines which can clean your mattress with the help of very high temperatures. This also lends your mattress, a sanitized feel. We make use of eco-friendly chemicals which are anti-bacterial in nature to give your mattress a neat and clean look.

· Deodorization-

There is no use cleaning the mattress if even the slightest of odor still exists. Hence, we use an anti-allergen deodorizing agent to make sure your mattress is entirely odor-free. We then towel dry the mattress.

Deodorize the Mattress Adelaide
Deodorize the Mattress Adelaide

Fabric Protection-

This is an optional treatment which the customers can avail.  This helps protect the mattress fabric and keep it running for a very long time.

Hence, our processes ensure that you sleep better.

Dust Mite Control-

Dust mites are tiny organisms belonging to the same category as spiders which can play havoc and cause problems while you sleep. Hence, mattress sanitization is important to remove these from your mattress. These are difficult to be seen by naked eyes and feed on human skin. These are mostly found hidden in mattresses and pillows and come out during night. With the help of our mattress cleaning Adelaide services, you can get rid of them in an effective manner. These are the benefits of availing our dust mite anti-allergen treatment-

  • Helps control the reasons of allergies ailments such as asthma.
  • Chemicals used are environmental friendly and hence do not cause any harm to animals or humans.
  • These are bio-degradable and do not contain any CFC’s.
  • It is the most effective way of getting rid of allergens and dust mites.

Mattress Urine Removal Treatment

Urine is extremely unhealthy and must be removed immediately especially if it begins to turn alkaline. If no action is taken however, it can become the breeding ground of different types of bacteria, germs, allergens and other micro-organisms. This can lead to permanent damage to the fabric as well. We use sub-surface extraction method to remove all traces of urine from your mattress. An oxidizing deodorizer is also applied to the surface. Hence , the cleaning agent digs deep into the mattress and removes urine in a quick and efficient manner. No matter whether it’s the fresh urine or old one, with the help of our expert team, you can remove it all.

Mattress Urine Removal Treatment
Mattress Urine Removal Treatment

Mattress Stain Removal

While we cannot avoid stains, they must always be treated. The most common ones among them are urine stains, blood stains; vomit stains other bodily fluids etc. We help you get rid of all types of stains no matter what the reason is. A number of factors however play a role in determining the type of treatment such as age of your mattress, the intensity of damage etc.

Mattress Fabric Protection

Fabric protection is essential to keep your mattress running for a very long time. It also helps you sleep tension free and comfortably. This is also one of the best ways to sanitize your mattress. We use specialized chemicals for the same. This will help give your mattresses a long life and is also a good way to prevent future stains.  Moreover, our mattress fabric protection treatment is available at a cost-effective price.

Why Choose Us?

Mattress Steam Cleaning Adelaide
Mattress Steam Cleaning Adelaide
  • We offer perfect solution to keep your mattresses neat and clean.
  • We take care of the root causes of damage right from the roots.
  • Our expert team is extremely hard-working and makes sure that you receive satisfactory services.
  • We not just remove dust-mites but also their excreta, odor and stains to give your mattresses a new-like finish.
  • We are available 24*7 to assist you anytime you want.
  • Our main aim is to provide better health and sleep to everyone.

Get in touch with us now at 1800 425 549 to avail our services. Our professional service is all you need to maintain your mattresses in good shape. Hence, give us a chance to be the reason of your improved sleep and health.

Location: Adelaide, SA Australia