Germsless is one of the most well-established companies in Adelaide related to upholstery cleaning services. Moreover, the company has an experienced staff which is hard working and can give your upholstery a new-like look. With quick response and state-of-the-art methods, we have a wide network of customers who are all completely satisfied with our services.  Moreover, we charge a very nominal fee for the best in class services. Hence, we are leading the upholstery cleaning arena and can treat every type of upholstery in an efficient manner.

Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide
Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide

It’s only after a lot of brainstorming and thinking that we choose our precious upholstery which is a long-term investment.  Only after careful considerations are we able to choose upholstery which goes well with our furniture and interiors in a similar fashion.  Just like you spend so much time selecting it, similar care must be given towards maintaining it. Germsless is one of the leading companies in Adelaide you can rely upon.  It can clean even the toughest of stains and hard to reach corners lending your upholstery a new-like feel.

Our specializations-

  • Leather couches cleaning and protection
  • Cushions cleaning
  • Recliners cleaning
  • Love seats steam cleaning
  • Office chairs cleaning
  • Dining chairs cleaning
  • Bar seats cleaning
  • Foot stools cleaning
Foot Stool Cleaning Adelaide
Foot Stool Cleaning Adelaide
  • Board room chairs cleaning
  • Bar seats cleaning
  • L-shape couch cleaning
  • Dentist chair cleaning
  • Buffet seats cleaning services
  • Ottoman steam cleaning
  • Upholstery dry cleaning services
  • Car upholstery cleaning
  • Upholstery fabric protection
  • Chaise steam cleaning
  • Fabric lounge mold and stain removal
Fabric lounge mold and stain removal
Fabric lounge mold and stain removal
  • Fabric lounge mold and stain removal
  • Lounges cleaning and protection
  • Upholstery deodorization
  • Fabric sofa steam cleaning

Our upholstery cleaning procedure-

  1. Pre inspection-

    Our experts will inspect your upholstery to determine the best cleaning method. Moreover, they will also let you know about the price and technique they are going to use.

  2. Vacuuming-

    We use powerful vacuum machines to clean all the hard to reach areas efficiently. Hence, all the dirt, dust and other substances are removed.

    Vacuum Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide
    Vacuum Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide
  3. Stain Removal-

    Nothing looks as worst as an upholstery with spots. It can destroy the look of your interiors considerably. We use best tools and agitating machines to make sure that there are neither any stains nor spots on your upholstery.

  4. Hot water extraction-

    This is one of the best methods to make your upholstery absolutely clean. Moreover, hot water, cleaning solution and high pressure when used together can suck out all the contaminants quite effectively.

  5. Turbo upholstery drying-

    Drying is extremely important since moisture laden upholstery can be home to numerous bacteria, germs and other contaminants.

  6. Upholstery Sanitization-

    Finally an anti- bacterial spray is used to sanitize your upholstery and leave it feeling fresh and smelling nice.

    Upholstery Sanitization
    Upholstery Sanitization

Fabrics we specialize in:-

We can take care of all the upholstery, irrespective of the material or fabric:-

  • Nylon/rayon upholstery
  • Velvet upholstery
  • Synthetic fabric upholstery
  • Tapestry upholstery
  • Silk upholstery
  • Suede cotton upholstery
  • Jacquard upholstery
  • Leather upholstery
  • Micro Fiber upholstery
  • Indian fabric upholstery

Why avail professional upholstery cleaning services-

Professionals have the right knowledge and skills to give your upholstery a new-like look. Moreover, they also have right tools and equipment to carry out the procedure in most efficient manner.  Here are a few reasons why you must avail professional upholstery cleaning services-

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services
Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

· To make your upholstery sweat-free-

Since, you are in direct contact with your upholstery, it is common for it to get sweaty and become full of germs and bacteria. This is turn leads to a number of skin problems. Moreover, the bacteria can further multiply and cause more problems.

· To get rid of furs-

If you have pets at home, it is most likely that you have furs and pests too which can easily transfer to your upholstery.  Pets can also urinate which can lead to bad smell and germ buildup.

· To avoid dust and mould-

Dirt, dust and mould is dangerous especially for those suffering from asthma. Moreover, it can result in allergies and skin reactions.  Hence, leaving the task on professionals is a better idea.

· To maintain healthy surroundings-

A healthy surrounding is necessary to maintain the health of your loved ones. Dirty upholstery can even lead to diseases. Hence, cleaning them frequently is essential.

Upholstery,  lounges, leather lounge , couch, lounges, couch , sofas and other types of upholstery cleaning services:-

No matter whether it’s the residential upholstery or commercial one, we can give it all a neat and clean look. With the help of our expert staff, maintaining your precious upholstery is no more a strenuous task. All you need to do is give is a call right away to avail our services at an affordable price.

Car upholstery cleaning:-

Carp Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide
Carp Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide

Caring for your car upholstery is also as important as caring for your residential or commercial upholstery. Moreover, the bacteria, germs and other contaminants can spoil your health and result in bad odor. Similarly,  keeping your car upholstery clean is also important to make your driving experience better. While you must be wondering about whom to contact for the same, we are expert in cleaning car upholstery as well. Our special tools and chemicals can make even the dullest of upholstery come to life and restore its shine.

Upholstery steam cleaning service-

Steam cleaning is one of the most efficient methods to clean your upholstery. Moreover, we make use of powerful steam cleaners to ensure that your upholstery stays clean for a very long time. This method can eliminate even the toughest of germs, bacteria and other contaminants. Hence, you can enjoy resting lazily on your upholstery without worrying too much about getting rashes or allergies.

Why choose us?

We are the leading company in Adelaide dealing in upholstery cleaning services since long. Moreover, it is our hard- work and determination which has helped us achieve this status. We not only clean your upholstery but also sanitize it to make it 100% bacteria free. Hence, you can completely trust on us for getting your upholstery cleaned.  Here are some of the reasons why you must choose us as your reliable partner-

Upholstery steam cleaning
Upholstery steam cleaning
  • Many years of expertise and experience.
  • We are a certified company using best tools and state of the art methods to give your upholstery a new-like finish.
  • We are proud of having an extremely hard-working staff which never hesitates to go an extra mile to provide you with exceptional upholstery cleaning services.
  • Company_ is your one-stop solution for cleaning all types of upholsteries in all types of fabrics- industrial, commercial, residential and car upholstery cleaning.
  • Non-toxic and environment-friendly chemicals are what we use.
  • We charge a very nominal fee for the quality services. Moreover, you can even avail same day upholstery cleaning services.
  • We are available 24*7, even on weekends and public holidays. We are your one-stop destination for upholstery, cleaning, sanitization, stain removal and deodorization.

Give us a call now to avail our services and make your upholstery 100% germ and stain free. Moreover, our experts will come right to your place and that too on time to do an inspection. We believe in long-term association with our clients and hence do our best to provide you satisfactory services. We will not only clean but also sanitize your precious upholstery. Moreover, we help maintain it for a long time. We also deodorize your upholstery in the same fashion.

Location: Adelaide, SA Australia